First Blog Post – Power of Clarity LLC’s website opens!

I created Power of Clarity to help people be more self-aware both mentally and physically, which triggers neuroplasticity, which makes ease of movement and improvement, both physical and mental, easier to accomplish and retain.  The two methods I encountered that improved my life dramatically were the Option Process® philosophy and Dialogue Process, and the Anat Baniel Method® Neuromovement® (“ABMN”), the next evolutionary stop in movement-lesson-oriented bodywork past the Feldenkrais Method, of whom Anat Baniel was Moshe’ Feldenkrais’ star pupil.  These two methods helped me recover from high functioning autism to become an entrepreneur, and are helping me recovery my daughter from moderately severe autism.  I wanted to popularize these mental/physical imrpovement-producing methods by making them conveniently available to the public.

The phone-based Option Process Dialogues® are a convenient way to connect, clarify and remodel your thinking and your life, as well as just to be there when you want someone to talk to for any other reason, who is nonjudgmental and nondirective.  The environment of connection without judgment force suddenly frees the “Explorers” like you to face and clear away discomforts and limitations, and see new opportunities and ways to get there beyond conceptual walls (self-limiting beliefs) that weren’t really there, as well as get great new creative or business / entrepreneurial insights when you take the time to consider and question assumptions, which is our expertise.  You know that “Aha!” moment you have when you realize you’re suddenly mentally clear and ready to make a decision, or suddenly realize a solution to a challenge, like a lightbulb going off in your head, or suddenly realize there are good reasons not go get upset about something?  We specialize in promoting quicker and more numerous moments of great clarity and nurture the attitude that helps you choose and create your path to doing and feeling better, and being more effective at everything you do, with greater intentionality and enjoyment of the process.  Physical health improvements usually cascade as the result of the mental health improvement, as part of the neuroplasticity inducing effects in the brain and in the body.

The physically-based ABMN is done in person, either in one-on-one or group lessons.  ABMN as a “movement method” and a type of “body work”, and is an evolutionary step past its Feldenkrais Method foundations; it’s like massage, physical therapy, yoga, flexibility/stretching, chiropractic, and martial arts all had a baby.  These  movement lessons produce dramatic, nearly miraculous development – whether recovery or new improved performance, mentally and/or physically.  It’s intensely relaxing and better than a massage or chiropractic, because some if not most of the habitual contractions that made you tense and seek the massage are gone, potentially permanently, whereas after a massage or chiropractic adjustment the original tensions return immediately or quickly.  You have to try it to see how wonderful it feels and the new insights and ease it will create in your life!

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